Models who Escort

We are a boutique agency with a small but exquisite selection of models who will be your perfect escort and can offer the Party Girl experience. Those who are not English are nevertheless able to speak perfect English. 

Whilst our website is professionally designed and all photographs/video clips are professionally taken yet we never publish manipulated photographs/video clips whether here or on any of our Social Media Channels. So you will not be surprised by the model you come to meet.

You Date the Model You See. It’s that simple. Each of whom need a bare minimum of half a day’s notice for any booking.

Some models prefer for their faces not to be shown, but yet there are many other of their recent photographs published where you can make an informed decision  as to whether you want to book them.

The statistics of the models is on their respective profile page but if you have any specific questions or requirements in regards to dress/fantasy roleplay and services etc. or anything else that you may be interested in, we prefer if you first call to speak to our staff confidentially with your requirements. In the alternative you can email.

If you pay by credit/debit card the name of a hotel will show on your statement and not our agency’s name.


Those who have made at least 3 bookings qualify for membership of the Members Only Area of our website where there is a selection of different models who prefer to accept bookings from people with whom we have accepted bookings fom in the past.


Are You a Model Who Wants to Join us?

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